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Australian scene, products with its superb technology and classic art connotation, perfect idea of the high quality life. Consumers in order to better communication, in order to use in the future there will be no trouble back at home, in the process of the Australian landscape on the basis of its excellent performance, launched a perfect after-sale service system.
Installation acceptance
      In choosing to buy to your preferred bay scene after the product, because the product possible damage in transit, so please installation personnel in our company after installed the product for you, according to my company to provide "o king, product installation, acceptance certificate" on the requirements of product one by one check, such as: cabinet put whether smooth, the surface of the product are bruised, mirror lens ark is installed, switch cabinet doors and drawer whether smooth, etc., if there is any question, please carefully fill in receiving confirmation, our company will be in the first time for you to change.
Sweet reminder:
1, the installation of bathroom furniture must keep flat on the ground, if the bathroom furniture placement, is in a state of unstable shaking, will make a joint or fasteners loose, binding part of the craze, in the long run, will affect the service life of bathroom furniture;
2, please don't put cabinet put oneself in another's position when installation, mirror and direct contact with the ground, should be soft pad material, so as to avoid collision;
3, the installation process, the attention to prevent metal scratch plate surface is a screwdriver, etc;
4, after the water pipe connected, check whether there is leakage phenomenon.
5, hardware and leading all appropriate in decorating a project after the completion of installation, in order to avoid the product damaged and corrosion. High-grade hardware must be experienced and qualified professional personnel to install, installation hardware accessories can't with hard knock against, can't touch the cement, glue, paint and wear, corrosion bibcock surface material.
The common problems in the installation process
1, the difference between the wall displacement and ground water drainage (sales order must indicate)
A drainage for wall, punching installation personnel to the scene
B for drainage, is divided into (1) does not contain the drawer cabinet put oneself in another's position: has reserved a hole in the floor (2) contains the drawer cabinet put oneself in another's position: the factory will change the inside of the drawer modelling, set aside to launching position.
2, the ground uneven? Macao scene, the manufacturer can provide plastic MATS, by the installation personnel to deal with this problem.
3, bathroom furniture directly on the floor tile, the ground moisture corrosion cabinet feet? Bay scene, bathroom furniture, cabinet feet have 10 mm in diameter, the thickness of 5 mm plastic shackles, can effectively isolate the ground moisture.

Cleaning and maintenance

In order to make Australia enduring scene sanitary ware products, maintain the best state of use, regular cleaning and maintenance also cannot be ignored.
Maintenance tips:
Clean dust removal:
1, furniture often dust removal, because dust furniture surface friction every day. It is best to use a clean soft cloth, wipe again after soaking dry, so can reduce friction, avoid scratch furniture, at the same time also to reduce electrostatic adsorption of dust to dust;
2, should avoid moisture residues furniture surface, so preferably with dry cloth to wipe it again. To get rid of contaminants on the surface of the furniture, the cooking of the lampblack, stains, recommend the use of special furniture cleaner, in use process of avoid by all means tried hard to clean;
3, do not use alcohol, gasoline, or other chemical solvent except the stain;
4, for hardware decoration, can wipe with dry cloth gently, do not use detergent containing chemical substances.
Daily care:
1, because the bathroom furniture that suffer insolation for a long time can make the product surface paint yellow fade, local dry wood, bending deformation, metal accessories in the oxidation, brittle damage of material, so the bathroom furniture should stay away from heat source, placement is best to avoid direct sunlight, away from air conditioner and heater or use transparent gauze curtains or blinds to sunlight, so, do not affect indoor daylighting, and protecting the indoor furniture;
2, avoid shower after steam fumigation for long, often should open a window ventilated, at ordinary times to keep indoor humidity within the normal; During the dry season when using humidifier, stay away from furniture spray, because moisture can cause a rusted metal parts, bond does some glue, chrome plated components have to take off the membrane, etc.
Regular service:
1, in addition to often clean care, furniture surface to also want to waxing for further maintenance regularly, to increase the aesthetic feeling of appearance. We recommend that you often use colorless furniture wax polish on furniture with thin, with a dry cotton cloth, such not only can reduce the dust fall, and enhance product luster, or use amway "elegant furniture brightening agent" brush surface evenly, later again dry with a soft cloth, such can make bathroom furniture surface coating last light;
2, please do not choose contain silicone polish, because silicone coating will not only soften, destroy, will plug the pores of wood, to repair. Although often wax coating no damage, but we suggest that the glazing 1 to 2 times a year.
Scar treatment:
1, if it is water mark, usually would disappear after a period of time. If it is still visible after a month, then with a piece with a small amount of salad oil or mayonnaise clean soft cloth wipe down wood grain direction in water mark place;
2, if it is a very hot mark, then with a dry, super fine piece of furniture coating for steel wool mat in very hot mark place along the direction of the wood grain is wiped directly, you can also use salad oil or mayonnaise besmear on very hot mark place, take a soft cloth along the grain wipe gently, and then in a clean soft cloth to clean it, the final glazing;
3, if it is a burn mark, cigarette or not out of the match left in furniture paint doors, and if the paint surface burning, in the matchstick toothpicks or hard package on a layer of fine lines, gently wipe traces, and then coated with a thin wax, burn marks can fade;
4, if it is scratched, if furniture paint scratches, not touch wood lacquer, furniture can be used with the same color crayons or in the wound of furniture paint, to cover exposed background, and then use thin transparent nail polish with a layer.
One year limited warranty
The company to ensure that products are comply with relevant safety standards and technical requirements, and ensure the product under normal use and maintenance can show fully functional, the company will provide one year free warranty service for card user (excluding consumable).
1, within one year since the purchase, confirmed by the company maintenance personnel for fault arising from manufacturing process, material damage, free warranty.
2, one of the following reasons can not enjoy the company warranty of free warranty terms of service:
Product damage caused by using method is not correct.
Installation errors caused by the damage of product.
Cut off the modified product damage caused by the customer.
Natural disasters and man-made damage.
3, the company only perform hold valid certificates and corresponding to the product warranty card products after-sales maintenance services.