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Between wei yu bathroom mirror technique of choose and buy Don't focus on the "appearance"

Whether public or private bathroom, bathroom mirror between wei yu is always exist, without a large mirror to let you in the most appropriate mental outlook to face the challenges of the day. Mirror is not the single function, now various types of creative bathroom mirror, reverse your vision, bathroom mirror has become a highlight of between wei yu. Small make up today to bring us the bathroom mirror technique of choose and buy, appearance and function both let you cannot extricate oneself!
A, style
Generally divided into round and square mirror, according to the different styles to choose different shaped mirror, such as the circular to the American style, and the square of favour Chinese style.
Second, look from the exterior
When the choose and buy should from the front, side and opposite angles to look at the mirror, generally you to look at the mirror of the time will only pay attention to yourself in the mirror image directly, not to pay special attention to the distance of linear objects in the mirror, you can just move the line of sight, if a straight line without bending deformation object, this is a piece of mirror with good quality.
Third, the waterproof antirust function
Normal mirror if placed in a humid place for a long time will become dim and will even produce the phenomenon such as rust, fall off. So need to attach importance to the mirror waterproof antirust function. Can often be a closer look at the mirror, like any vain, or moving up and down the line of sight, see if the object is bending deformation, know that it is good or bad.
Four, beating the fog function
Will appear after a bath in the bathroom a lot of fog, lead to mirror surface become blurred. The market generally USES customized anti-fog film, after is a kind of electric heating translucent polyester film. Posting to the bath before using a mirror on the back, as far as possible level, convenient to use.
Fifth, receive a function
Bathroom space is generally small, considering the beautiful at the same time, other support function should also be taken into consideration, with some receive a function of the mirror can make up for the inadequacy of bathroom space, small mirror big use.
Six, observation and touch the product
Whether to confirm product appearance without deformation, discoloration, straight rod straight, mesa whether smooth, colour and lustre is light, products plating surface and paint with and without defects and sand holes, welding place whether smooth and firm.
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