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For solid wood bathroom cabinets of choose and buy time

Bathroom cabinet modelling will not like other sanitary ware shapes, usually bathroom ark gives a person the compasses, elegant and delicate texture. From the effect of it actually also can see the effect, make orderly between wei yu, this is definitely a "virgo" sanitary ware. So go with small make up, taste the subway of bathroom ark, make your bathroom custom elegant nobility.
(1) solid wood bathroom ark is choose to hang a wall or floor to consider to be clear about, because will influence between wei yu decorate architecture.
(2) to understand all metal parts whether pass moistureproof processing, so that the moisture erosion resistance is strong.
(3) before buying, to check the opening degree of the bathroom cabinet hinge, hinge, the more precise the cabinet door to meet the more tight, dust is not easy to get in.
(4) choice ark of bathroom of drawer more, dropping the clutter is very convenient.
(5) be careful when choosing the bathroom ark style whether safeguard for the maintenance of the pipes and valves are open.
(6) installing a bathroom cabinet be careful not to damage the in and out of the water pipe, otherwise when use leaking cabinet put oneself in another's position will be soaked.
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