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PVC bathroom cabinet steps of choose and buy Shape material concerns first

For all the year round in a damp environment of bathroom ark, waterproof and moistureproof sex has become the focus of consider. PVC material waterproof effect very good, and the processing performance is good, the production cost is low, got the favour of broad consumer. The material purchase will be different, of course, PVC bathroom cabinet of choose and buy what we need to grasp? "Appearance" dear friends, play the advantages of you from the outside to start!
1, to see if all the metal parts after moistureproof processing of stainless steel with aluminum or bathroom ark, so that the moisture erosion resistance is strong.
2, before buying, you need to check the cabinet hinges opening, is 90 or 180. If the opening is 180, of course, more convenient take put you items. Hinges more accurate, cabinet door meet is very tight, dust, the more is not easy to get in.
3, if you need more storage space, had better choose drawer of bathroom ark, imitate the sundry more convenient (partition effect will be better)
4, the bathroom ark style in choosing whether need to pay attention to guarantee for the maintenance of the pipes and valves open.
5, observe whether the appearance of the product is delicate, presence of flaws or defects. Such as paint colour difference, uneven surface, line is not straight, the phenomenon of rough surface.
6, the hardware such as observation shake handshandle surface light do you have any air hole, burr, silking, tarnish, pale, cracks, defects and concave and convex inequality.
7, observation lens face whether level off, the coating color is light, the phenomenon such as presence of imaging distortion.
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