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The bathroom ark of choose and buy the things you should know

To make your bathroom in perfect order, then receive tips alone is not enough, a design features are better bathroom cabinet is a necessary part of. My bathroom I family, their home outfit, by comparison will be more sweet and comfortable, so in the bathroom ark when the choose and buy, want to join their own characteristics, highlight personality of its own. The bathroom ark is need to be aware of which aspects of choose and buy, and delve into with small make up, please!
1, when choosing bath ark style, to guarantee for the maintenance of in and out of the water pipe and valve open, don't leave after the maintenance and overhaul of trouble.
2, for ordinary families, the bathroom ark had better choose to hang a wall, cabinet legs higher or with wheels, so that we can effectively isolate the ground moisture.
3, to know whether all the metal parts after moistureproof processing of stainless steel or special aluminum bath ark, such a moisture resistant performance can be guaranteed.
4, it is necessary to check the bathroom cabinet hinge opening. When you start the Angle of 180 degrees, can be more easily take put items.
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