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Bathroom ark of professional knowledge when the choose and buy matters needing attention

Bathroom cabinet hardware accessories are an important part of modern sanitary ware, occupies an extremely important position in the bathroom ark material, it will directly affect the overall quality and service functions of the bathroom cabinet. Many people are choosing bathroom ark, only pay attention to the colors and styles, but ignored the choice of bathroom cabinet hardware accessories.
Hinge is commonly known as the hinge, we in the bathroom cupboard door at ordinary times frequent switch process, through most of the test is hinge. See the hinge on the market at present is removable, mostly divided into the base and the two parts. Hinge generally have two screens and three screens, three yoke hinge of course better. And manufacture of steel hinge is the most important, if the choice is bad, after a period of time, door plank is likely to head, shoulder drops horn. Almost all major brands of bathroom ark hardware use cold rolled steel, its thickness and toughness is perfect. In addition, should try to choose more positioning of the hinge. A multipoint positioning, is refers to the door in the open can stay at any one point of view, open not arduous, also won't suddenly closed, to ensure the safety of use, this approach on the wall cupboard door is particularly important. Introduce according to professional personage, advantages and disadvantages of different hinge use feel is different, the quality of the hinge strength is more soft, while trying to open cupboard door shut automatically rebound to 15 degrees, back stretch very evenly. Inferior hinge, short service life and easy to fall off, such as cupboard door, condole ark, mostly caused by hinge quality closes nevertheless.
Drawer slides drawer can free smooth to push and pull, push and pull to what extent, how bearing, will pour, on slippery course all support. From the perspective of the technology of now at the bottom of the slide a slide rail, the whole and the drawer of the connection is better than three links. Drawer slides of differ in thousands ways, such as material, principle, structure, process quality slippery course small resistance, long service life, the drawer is smooth. Imported guide rail with Austria BaiLong, Heidi silk, such as the United States of Stanley brand, quality guaranteed. When choosing bathroom ark, also is one of the most important slide rail steel quality, good bathroom cabinet drawer can all pull not overturned fall off, and remove the simple. Different specifications of the drawer is the thickness of the steel, bearing is different also. According to understand the big brands a drawer, 0.6 meters wide slide rail steel are nearly 3 mm thick, bearing can reach 40-50 kg. When the choose and buy the drawer can be pulled out, with his hand on it a little hard pressure, see if will be loose, kuang ring or reverse it. Nylon plastic pulley, wear-resisting material is the most common three kind of pulley. The wear-resisting nylon for top grade. The adoption of the United States dupont technology, this kind of pulley has push-pull soft smooth freely, silent, springback. Use one finger to push-pull drawer, should be no acerbity feeling, no noise.
Hydraulic buffer in general, when we close the cupboard door, have a "bang" sound, noise is bigger, it will shorten the service life of cabinet put oneself in another's position, in order to avoid this kind of phenomenon, a small hydraulic buffer can solve the problem. Equipped with such human gadgets bathroom cupboard door closed to prevent the noise right, have played an important role in protection of cabinet put oneself in another's position. But as a result of hydraulic buffer pleased is higher, on the market at present only some high-grade bathroom cabinet is equipped with this configuration.
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