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The bathroom ark combination of basic classification

The bathroom ark combination of basic classification
The bathroom ark combination according to the installation can be divided into: hang a wall, bathroom cabinet and console bathroom ark
1, hang a wall, bathroom cabinet, wall bathroom ark require wall is main wall or solid brick wall, under this kind of bathroom ark dangling manageable toilet sanitation, basic no health corner. Also can effectively prevent moisture extends to the cabinet inside. Insulation wall and lightweight partition can't install this product.
2, floor, bathroom cabinet, floor and wall cabinet difference is not big, just don't pick the wall, but bad to take care of health, under a cabinet and cabinet put oneself in another's position is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp.
The bathroom ark combination according to the material of cabinet put oneself in another's position is mainly divided into: solid wood bathroom cabinet, moistureproof board bathroom cabinets, stainless steel bathroom cabinet, the lacquer that bake board bathroom ark.
1, solid wood bathroom cabinet: refers to the use of distillation dehydration after real wood as the backing material, processed through N waterproof processing technology of cabinet put oneself in another's position. Its characteristic is natural, of primitive simplicity, elegant style, can fully embody the master and the dignity of identity, live in class after dealing with the multi-channel waterproofing process and technique of the lacquer that bake waterproof properties is good, but the biggest drawback is solid wood cabinet put oneself in another's position if the environment is dry (such as air conditioning tuyere or natural drying such as xinjiang, etc) is easy to dry, so the maintenance when the application is often wet cotton cloth inside and polishing the mop.
2, moistureproof board bathroom cabinet: although the board have a certain moistureproof property, there are some commercial melamine veneer, but the plate for the board to add a lot of moistureproof glue, formaldehyde content exceeds bid badly, do not belong to the environmental protection building materials product.
3, stainless steel bathroom cabinet: is made of high quality material such as stainless steel plate after several process refined but become, diverse styles, chic design, environmental protection, moistureproof, mouldproof, anti-rust, waterproof does not produce any harmful substances, beautiful and durable, and stainless steel plate also can be recycled.
4, lacquer board bathroom cabinet: mainly on toughened glass color and design, make the whole cabinet put oneself in another's position color is rich, with a variety of domestic outfit style.
Bathroom ark combination based on mesa material mainly divides into: ceramic POTS, woodiness mesa, marble mesa, man-made stone mesa, vitreous mesa.
1, a ceramic basin bathroom cabinet: easy to do and clean, but easily scratched.
2, woodiness mesa bathroom ark: need to often keep dry mesa.
3, marble mesa bathroom cabinet: very show class, usually with European design style.
4, man-made stone mesa bathroom cabinet: wear-resisting easy do.
5, glass bathroom cabinet mesa: belong to economy, but easy to soap water to clean.
The bathroom ark combination evaluation knowledge
1, the basin that wash a face material: when the choose and buy with hand basin, basin uniform glazing, glazed smooth texture smooth, and the luster is also very good, the presentation was good quality porcelain basin. In addition, bibulous rate is an important indicator of ceramic wash basin, the product of pottery and porcelain has certain adsorption to water penetration, bibulous rate is lower in the product, the better, lang si bathroom cabinet ceramic face basin is foshan factory production, high temperature, bibulous rate is low.
The effect of 2, hardware accessories, hardware for any furniture is self-evident. Although only a few small accessories, but its responsibility to the opening and closing of bathroom ark, a few times a day or even dozens of times switch cupboard door, furniture hardware is good or bad has become an important indicator of quality. Good hardware that a few years decades security switch is smooth, the poor quality of a few times will produce noise, and even broken off.
3, bibcock, bibcock is of better quality is first, but the dragon's head as a matter of bathroom ark adornment, its appearance also nots allow to ignore, the bathroom ark of leading design simple fashion, with the integral style of bathroom ark is very harmonious.
4, receive a function: no matter how many new features bathroom ark is given, its essence is a cabinet, receive a function is the basic ability, the bathroom ark very reasonable functional partition, put aside plate, store content ark and ground ark, the design of multiple elements, constitute the bathroom receive a space.


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